Review: The Spare Room

Story Brief

The author (Helen) had her fifteen-year friend Nicola from Sydney staying in her spare room in Melbourne for three weeks. Nicola was there for a Vitamin C Treatment claiming to cure her cancer, while Helen had to care for her.

Nicola had never been married and had no children. She was what called Bohemian.

She was obsessed with alternative treatments and theories, even they all seemed to be deceptive to Helen. The side effects of the treatment gave Nicola a lot of bad nights but she made herself believed that it was the proof of the cancer being reduced, while at the same time, Helen had to spend all those sleepless nights taking care of Nicola and holding back to not hurt Nicola by pointing out the truth of the false treatment.

The days went on until Helen could no longer stand and confronted Nicola. Helen pushed her to face the truth: She was going to die.

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I Just Released My English Number Listening Practice App

Yes, I just released the first rough version of my English number listening practice APP: English Number

Why An English Number App?

I m having my NAATI class recently, it is a course that helps you practice to be an interpreter. I’m doing English-Mandarin interpreting.

The practice is usually based on a dialogue conducted by an English speaker and LOTH speaker. What I will do is interesting the content from the English speaker to Mandarin and the other way around, one by one.

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Lower you expectation for Webpack’s Tree Shaking

Recently I upgrade my project from webpack1 to webpack3, one of the main highlight feature for me is Tree Shaking. Depnding on the static structure of ES6 module system, webpack is now able to get rid of unused modules from your build.

That sounds very cool, but after I finished my upgrade and rebuilt my project, the decrease of the file sizes did not reflect my expectation.

Why? Did I not use it right, or is it actually not working?

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Neil Is Going To Do Airbnb

It was busy last weekend, I spent most of my time with Neil, one of my best friends in Australia.

I met Neil a year ago, he is an accounting student in Melbourne University. He is very energetic and passionate young men. Meanwhile he is gentle and caring for his friend, to which I sometimes feel too overwhelming.

Neil calls his friends darling, I mean, who does that? Unless for one’s intimate friend or lover. But he doesn’t care, he calls me darling in front of my whole classmates without a hesitation, whereas I always feel a little embarrassed but I would still try to be cool. You see, I even care too much about other people’s thought to express my unpleasant.

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Adding `skip()` and `only()` features to unittest

If you are like me, a python newbie just moved from web front-end world, you must have used Mocha before, the most commonly used test framework made by the genius TJ.

skip() and only() are the two most useful features for me among all the tools that Mocha provides. So when I started to write test cases in Python using Unittest, I felt so frustrated, because there’s nothing that can do the same as the skip() and only() did for me.

So I am going to teach you how to add these two features to unittest-testing in this article, but before we get there, I want to talk more about why these two features are important to your development.

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