Auto deployment to FTP server with Travis-CI

Instead of integrating your app with deployment platforms like deployHQ, you can use Travis-CI to create your custom deployment process.

In my case, I just need to deploy my front-end static assets up to an FTP server.

Create your deploy script

I use node-ftp to do the ftp task. It is quite a easy-to-use module, the code is much like below:

Notice the environment variables I use to setup the FTP client. You should not hard code this info into the script; it is not secure and not flexible either. We can pass down all the variables from Travis-CI later on.

Config your travis.yml

Travis provides script deployment for you to create custom deployment process.

You just need to specify your deploy script and which branch you want to deploy. In my case, i want to exclude the /build dir from my repo, and I want the building process on the cloud instead of manually building the assets. So the whole config will be:

Config your environment variables

Open you project in Travis, and go to project settings:

And add all the variables you need to get access in your script:

Push your code and deploy!

Now push some code to your master (bad habit, though, you should use pull request instead) and see if it works.

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