Neil Is Going To Do Airbnb

It was busy last weekend, I spent most of my time with Neil, one of my best friends in Australia.

I met Neil a year ago, he is an accounting student in Melbourne University. He is very energetic and passionate young men. Meanwhile he is gentle and caring for his friend, to which I sometimes feel too overwhelming.

Neil calls his friends darling, I mean, who does that? Unless for one’s intimate friend or lover. But he doesn’t care, he calls me darling in front of my whole classmates without a hesitation, whereas I always feel a little embarrassed but I would still try to be cool. You see, I even care too much about other people’s thought to express my unpleasant.

Neil is busy buying furnitures for his new rental apartment recently. His plan, actually, is to turn the apartment into an Airbnb, which he will live in as a tenant as well. So if things go well, he will get his guests to pay for the rent, possibly even making some extra money out of it.

It sounds like a good plan, since the money I saved from moving out of the city is just around 600 dollars, whereas I still have to pay 780 every month.

However, the whole idea is based on the continuously coming of guests, which is very hard to predict and may vary depends on whether it’s in tourist season or not.

Apart from the risks, the whole Airbnb thing also requires you to be really engaged as a host. Providing essential supplies and housekeeping are just basic jobs, while you may also have to do a lot of work to make your apartment outstanding.

Another concern rises once guests start to come. What if your guest is not a decent citizen and likes to sneak things when he leaves? What if he likes to wreck stuffs? I’m sure there much be some policies to protect hosts, but handling these troubles are not things people will enjoy.

So my point is that if it were me to do the Airbnb thing, I would be too worried about the risks to actually do it, or at least I would think about it for a long time.

But Neil made his decision right away. By the end of last week, Neil had not only took a new apartment but also bought most of the furnitures.

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